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Attention to all customers

As part of the integration we want to make you aware that we will be converting your account onto our Records Management system on Monday 3rd October 2016. There will be no changes to how you order from ARM before 27th September, however, Tuesday 27th September, will be the last day that your collections are made by ARM before the conversion to Iron Mountain’s records management system takes place. From Wednesday 28th September to Friday 30th September there will be no collections made by either ARM or Iron Mountain which allows for a definitive cut off for ARM’s O’Neils system being used to ensure all data is converted without error.


Order Type

Up to 17:00

27th September

Between 17:00 27th September

and 09:00 3rd October

After 09:00

3rd October


Please order through ARM customer services as normal for delivery on 28th September.

Please order via email or telephone to ARM.

Please order via customer services


Please order through ARM customer services as normal for collection on 3rd October

No orders for collection.

Please keep your boxes on site and you will be able to place the order via customer services from 3rd October.

Please order via customer services


Please send request to ARM through normal channels.

No orders for destruction.

Please hold until 3rd October.

Please contact customer services